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AGAINST hospital ACQUIRED bacteria

technical details

  • Treated surface is not electrically conductive
  • The surface is not flammable while applying nor after the surface is dry
  • Endures steam and carbon dioxide cleaning
  • Treated surface endures hard wear and is easy to keep clean
  • After drying treated surface endures large temperature fluctuations
  • Treated surface is clear/invisible
  • Appearance: milky white liquid
  • Scent: unscented
  • Yield: n. 100 m² / L (dense surfacest )
  • Specific gravity: approx. 1.04 kg/L
  • Pack sizes: 1 L
  • Includes: synthetic polymers and plasticisers
  • On the treated surface the coefficient friction is 0.5
  • Do not freeze


care instructions for treated surfaces

  • Detergents used for cleaning the treated surfaces should have pH less than 8.6.
  • The use of chlorine on the treated surfaces should be avoided.
  • The protective layer can be removed by using detergents with pH more than 10 or chlorine.


MediAg++® The effect of an antimicrobial agent on the treated surface

MediAg++® is long affecting wax-like, silver preservative produced with nanotechnology that effectively protects against all common Gram-positive and negative bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria and microbes on treated surfaces. The product also prevents fungus and growth of mold.


tested PRODUCT: VERY GOOD efficiency

Behind the years of product development is a team of leading scientists and researchers from Finland. Laboratory research studies were performed by the University of Helsinki in 2008-2013. The product has been reportedly applied and tested in practice for example at Mehiläinen Hospital, Töölö in Helsinki in 2013 and also at Meilahti Hospital in 2014. The liquid silver alloy with the correct carriers is combined with self-polishing wax which is designed specifically for this product. The silver is therefore very evenly distributed. MediAg++®  sustains it's 100% effectiveness as long as the product is on the treated surface.


The bacteria dies to the lack of nutrition

The silver ions (ag+) of MediAg++® affect the cell wall of the microorganism, its inner cellular protein groups and DNA

MediAg++® works in such a way that silver ions (Ag +) affect the cell wall of the microorganism, inner cellular protein groups, and DNA. Cell activity is disturbed and the cell dies. On the treated surfaces, the formation of biofilm is prevented, the bacterium itself dies to the nutrition deficiency and thus prevents the formation of resistant bacterial strains. The effect of the wax is not based on one protein or enzyme alone, which makes silver a broad spectrum agent.


The product is suitable for use on all hard-wearing surfaces such as steel, painted / varnished wood surfaces, hard rubber grades, plastic surfaces, ceramic tiles, granite etc. Not suitable for use on fabric, leather or other elastic surfaces.


After basic cleaning, the product is applied to a clean, dry surface. The treated premises are available for use after drying time of 15-20 minutes.


MediAg++® product features

  • Virtually non-toxic.
  • The treated surface is dirt-repellent.
  • The invisible, hard surface is durable.
  • Long lasting, effective protection against bacteria.
  • Full effect is achieved 4-6 hours after the treatment.
  • Repeat surface treatment after 3 to 12 months.
  • Does not require continuous surface treatment.
  • Prevents the formation of resistant microbes.
  • Prevents the formation of biofilm on the treated surface.
  • Easy to use and treated surfaces are easy to keep clean with mild detergents with a pH below 8.6.


Use and environmental safety

  • The product is virtually non-toxic
  • Use is safe, when following instructions. See details in the Safety Data Sheet (Research page).
  • Storage at room temperature in the closed original package.


Producer: Nanosanitas Oy (Y-1701940-2)


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Product details
Product details
Product details
Product details