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AGAINST hospital ACQUIRED bacteria


Producer  Nanosanitas Oy Marketing : Nanosanitas Oy
Composition Product contains Synthetic polymers 20,2%
    diethylene glycol ethyl ether <5%
    1,2-ethanediol <2%
    Plasticising agent 6,5%
Viscosity Din cup 4 men. 9 – 15 s
Viscosity  Brookfield sp3 rpm 100 26-33 cP
pH  DIN 19268 7,9 – 8,3
Solid content  Computational  19 – 21%
Description   Odorless, white liquid.

How long does MediAg++® stay active?

How long MediAg++® remain on the treated surface?


According to our research, MediAg++™ is a stabile substance that maintains its activity on the surface that it has been applied to.

Any surface that is treated also holds silver, and therefore, is actively protected.


We have done experimental applications in our laboratory that are now 4 years old. The stability and activity of the substance have remained invariable.


Factors that have an impact on how long MediAg++® remains active are:


-      strong detergents (pH value more than 10)

-      strong mechanical friction, e.g. sand on the floor.


For initial use, we recommend carefully treating the entire space (operating theatres, patient rooms, toilets, employee break rooms ). After the initial treatment, a new treatment is required once every 1 to 3 months for areas that are exposed to the friction or detergents described above. If areas are not exposed to such use MediAg++® 's protective effect will stay active for years.



Maintenance cost will remain low after initial treatment.

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technical DETAILS
technical DETAILS
technical DETAILS
technical DETAILS